Competitiveness improvement of the region and improvement of the inhabitants? living standard with respect of the balanced development rules are the main development goals of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship according to the legacies of the development program policy document, namely “The Development Strategy of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship until 2020”. Series of actions focused on economic progress, the main measure of which is the ability to achieve success on the domestic and European markets, are essential to execute this goal. Entrepreneurship and ability of businesses to absorb technological, management and organisational innovations and convert them into a commercial success are among the factors raising competitiveness. These are quality attributes characteristic of the modern economies. Creation of conditions for entrepreneurship development and innovation promotion is the next aspects. Assurance of specific conditions facilitating services, stipulating entrepreneurship by creating a favourable climate for business is the first requirement to initiate a business activity, maintain its successful operation and development. Effectively operating propagation system of different innovations supporting economy and associated activities is one of the main segments of business service activity determining the ability to compete on the market. It is important here to systematically and truly develop cooperation of the regional innovation system. The next issue is to create a financing system of innovations that may contribute to the region?s economic development. Therefore, it is also important to develop a regional system of innovation transfer and information exchange as an important factor strengthening competitiveness of the voivodeship and its economy by creating and propagating technological, management and organisational innovations. In this context, it is important to reorientate activity of regional scientific, research and implementing institutes, engineering and organisational progress and to stipulate interests of businesses in modernisation of their activities. It is directly related with development of scientific and research potential of the region as we assume that science is the main source of the most valuable resource of today?s economy, namely knowledge. Businesses focused on science are usually highly competitive and it is them that determine competitiveness of the regions where they operate.